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Ask yourself

How often are dialogues conducted without any concrete agreement being reached?
How often are conflicts not made the subject of discussion?
How often are opportunities to give positive feedback and constructive criticism left unused?

Leadership is only ever as good as the quality of the dialogues and discussions held.


Give new quality to business meetings

Training content

What perception of my role and what behavioural flexibility do I need in order to be an effective executive?
How do I structure dialogues in a goal- and action-oriented way?
How do I argue positively so as to convince my dialogue partners and bring them on side for the company’s interests?
How do I motivate my employees to develop more initiative and improve their performance?
How do I practise a professional question technique?
How do I present consequences in dialogue in critical leadership situations?
How do I raise the issue of conflicts and find joint solutions with my employees in the interest of the company?
How do I successfully get and give feedback regarding performance goals and performance behaviour? 

What possibilities does body language offer me in the context of conducting dialogue?